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Park Post & Rail Sets

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Park Post and Rail Sets

When it comes to regional farmland and other vast outdoor spaces in Australia, the first thing that most people see upon arrival is the fencing. If you want to create a strong first impression and endow your property with a sense of structure and unmatched functionality, Park Post and Rail Sets are a great option.

Made from high quality Australian Treated Pine, Post and Rail Sets are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and still maintain their strength. All of our timber comes treated to resist damage from the elements, insects and termites. If you plan on using this set in an outdoor setting, you can rest assured that it will provide extended longevity.

Park Post and Rail Sets are also extremely versatile, meaning they can be used in various applications. Some of these applications include: front fencing for your property, park and garden fencing, defining subdivisions within a property, animal enclosures and paddocks, and fencing for commercial properties.

One of the major things our customers love about our fence posts, Park Posts and Rail Sets is that they come pre-morticed and ready to install. This means that almost anyone with basic knowledge and experience in handyman endeavours will be able to DIY install the sets with great ease. If you would like expert guidance in how to install it, call us on 03 9305 2000.

At Australian Treated Pine, we’ve been the source of high-quality, affordable timber products to Australians for over 30 years. Our experienced team has decades of knowledge and wisdom under their belt, providing our customers with only the best in service, expertise and product.

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