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Boundary Paling Fence Set

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Buy Boundary Paling Fence Set Online

Ideal for defining property boundaries, confining pets, and providing privacy from the street or neighbours – our Boundary Paling Fence Set comes complete with all the items required to build the perfect paling fence, including:

  • Posts: 125x75mm Cypress Posts
  • Railings: 100x12mm & 150x12mm Treated Pine Palings
  • Rails: 75x50mm Treated Pine
  • Plinth: 150x25mm Treated Pine

The Boundary Paling Fence Set is perfect for both residential and commercial properties, and is available in heights of 1.5mt, 1.8mt, 2.1mt & 2.4mt and a wide variety of lengths also.

Available both in CCA & ACQ treatments, you can choose whichever one you desire, as per your requirements. The boundary pailing fence cost will depend on what Boundary Pailing Fence lengths and heights you select, along with the particular treatment type.

At Australian Treated Pine, we are a leading boundary pailing fence supplier, and if you are looking to buy a boundary pailing fence in Melbourne, look no further.

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1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m


2.7m, 5.4m, 8.1m, 10.8m, 13.5m, 16.2m, 18.9m, 21.6m, 24.3m, 27m, 29.7m, 32.4m, 35.1m, 37.8m, 40.5m, 43.2m, 45.9m, 48.6m, 51.3m, 54m

The set includes the following:

#Posts: 125x75 mm Cypress posts

# Palings: 100x12mm & 150 x 12mm Treated Pine Palings

# Rails: 75 x 50mm Treated Pine

# Plinth: 150 x 25mm Treated pine

Sets of bigger lengths are available as well by ringing us directly.

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