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Our Sawn and Dressed Timber in Melbourne


To identify the different types of surface finishes on timber we use the following descriptions. Sawn Timber, Rougher Header & Dressed Timber.

All Timber is available in the following lengths:
.3/.6/.9/1.2/1.5/1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7/3.0/3.3/3.6/3.9/4.2/4.5/4.8/5.1/5.4/5.7/6.0 meters long.
Note: all timber lengths are subject to availability. Please contact us to check if your required lengths are of crucial importance. *you will be charged for the length that you actually receive*

Sawn Timber. This is the “raw” finish or the finish that is obtained from the sawing process, perhaps the most “rustic” of all the finishes. (Can otherwise be referred to as “Rough Sawn”).

Rougher Header. This is a finish that consists of several closely spaced fine lines that are machined longitudinally in the surface of the timber, causing it to be very well or specifically sized for ease of use. This product minimizes splinters and is easier to apply coatings to. It is dried to minimize shrinkage and instability. (Can otherwise be referred to as “Laser cut” or “Laser pine”)

Dressed Timber. Always referred to as the premium in timber finishes available, dressed timber is also very accurately sized, however has a very smooth surface finish, allowing coatings to be very easily applied. Dressed timber is also structurally graded and is dried to minimize shrinkage and instability. (Can otherwise be referred to as D.A.R or dressed all round).

Timber end sizing (otherwise referred to as the end section of the timber).
Please note that end section sizes of timber may vary from their nominal width, thickness and from piece to piece. This is not a fault or defect and is quite normal. For example: A sawn piece of timber with a nominated end section size of 100x50mm may actually be 104 x 52 mm.
Dressed and Rougher header timber offer you greater accuracy in sizing to within + or – 3mm of the nominated size. For example: 90x45mm may actually be 88 x 42mm.

What if I want to paint my timber? Painting your treated pine presents no problem at all. Do not give any special consideration to the fact that it is treated, the only requirement (as for all timber) is that the surface is dry, clean and free of any other foreign matter.

What if I cut my timber? Cutting of your timber in accordance with the “guide to working safely with treated timber” is o.k. (see technical info page of this website), however, in order to maintain the highest possible levels of durability, we recommend the application of “reseal” to all cut and drilled areas of your timber, regardless of the finish you choose. This will ensure that you don’t experience premature product degradation.
Reseal is a formulation of chemicals fit for application by the end user and is water soluble. (Please refer to Technical information of this site for Material safety data sheet)

All timber supplied by Australian Treated Pine should be used in accordance with the “guide to working safely with treated Timber” and material safety data sheets must be read prior to product use. This information is available on this site, under the technical information page.

If you require further assistance with the correct choice of product for your project, our sales team will be more than happy to help.