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At Australian Treated Pine we believe in providing our customers with the complete package when it comes to treated Pine. We have a range of services that we offer in addition to the timber products we sell. All products offered in our other services range are conditional upon goods having been purchased from Australian Treated Pine, and services will only be provided prior to dispatching of goods. We definitely will not machine timber provided by other manufacturers. Charge rates for other services will be quoted at the time of ordering and are specific to your requirements. All products requiring any Dressing, docking, re sawing, drilling or routing, must be paid for prior to service works, are non refundable and will not be accepted as returns.

Timber Dressing is a process that takes a sawn or rough sawn finish on timber and creates a smooth finish. Whilst we provide the option of either sawn or dressed timber at the point of sale, sometimes, you may only require one edge or face of your selected timber product to be dressed. Dressing is also a very effective way of ensuring you receive the exact size you require. For example: you may be matching up to existing dimensions, or attempting to fit a piece of timber into a cavity which is a non standard end section size.
Timber Resawing is a service that is offered to ensure that you receive the exact size piece of timber that you require, with out changing the “rough sawn” look of the timber that you are purchasing. So if you are matching up to existing dimensions, or attempting to fit a piece of timber into a cavity which is a non standard end section, and you don’t require a “dressed” finish, we are able to alter the end section size of your selected product by way of bandsawing your timber to size.
Docking is the term we use when we cut timber to length. So, if you would prefer not to cut your timber to the exact length you require, or you simply don’t have the equipment, we are able to do it for you. *Note: timber docking has a tolerance of + or- 3mm of your specified length. If you require a tolerance which is more definite, please specify this at the point of ordering*
Routing.If you have a requirement for a groove or trench to be machined in your products, we are able to do this by way of routing. Routing is preformed on decorative bollards, tulip cut outs, or in circumstances where you require a “step” machined in order to make fit.
Drilling.Hole drilling is a service that we provide. Holes are quite commonly drilled in decorative bollards, or for purposes frangibility in roadside posts ect. If you have a requirement for hole to be drilled, please enquire.

Please note: Australian Treated pine reserves the right not to carry out any additional services at our discretion. Lead times given for works to be undertaken will be indicative only, many varying factors involved in timber processing may lead to longer than anticipated lead times or delays on your order.